5 Reasons Why Everyone Is Switching To Wanderclean

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More than ever, we need to be conscious about how we clean our homes, but for years we’ve been applying the same chemicals with the same elbow grease. It’s a process that both waste our precious time while creating lots of waste. That’s why we created the WanderClean UVC wand, a revolutionary UVC germicidal light device that brings hospital-grade cleaning technology to the home in a sleek, efficient, and portable package.

So why is everyone switching to the WanderClean UVC Wand?

1. Say Goodbye To Toxic/Harsh Chemicals

Since pretty much the dawn of cleaning, nothing much has changed. We take some chemicals and we scrub surfaces with them to clean and disinfect. After 1000’s of years of doing it the same way, it’s time for an upgrade. By harnessing the power of UVC light, WanderClean kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria quickly and efficiently. All without harmful, costly, or smelly chemicals. It’s safe to use on any surface, which makes it ideal for cleaning all your sensitive high-tech devices.

2. Hospital-Grade Cleaning For Your Home

WanderClean doesn’t employ any unproven or untested tech. It represents the adaptation of over 100 years of hospital-grade UVC cleaning technology, packaged in a sleek, portable, and stylish unit that allows you to clean with confidence no matter where you are.


3. Portable And Discreet

No longer do you have to carry around chemical-laden sprays and wipes. The WanderClean UVC wand lets you disinfect any surface quickly with a simple swipe of the wand. It’s stylish, discreet, and operates without any pesky smells, sounds, or drying time. It gives you the power to carry revolutionary cleaning tech with you wherever you go. It’s peace of mind right in your pocket or your purse.

4. The Best Tech On The Market

Featuring industry-leading lithium-ion batteries and UVC LED lights, WanderClean is head and shoulders above the competition. Unlike most of the wands, you’ll find on Amazon, WanderClean is based in the USA and uses third-party testing facilities to ensure that you’re getting the very best in UVC technology. The result is that WanderClean gives you long-lasting, powerful, and consistent UVC cleaning power each and every time you power on.

5. The Power To Last

With a lifespan of over 15 000 hours, the Wanderclean UVC wand gives you 99.9% germicidal UVC cleaning capability that will last for years to come. Additionally, our long-lasting lithium-ion battery will give you hours of cleaning power from a single charge, so you can focus on keeping your surroundings clean. There are no trips to the store for more cleaning supplies and no wasteful packaging to deal with. Just take it out of the box and begin to WanderClean.

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Erik Adler

Erik Adler