How To Fix Your MacBook Keyboard Is Not Working Issue

Reboot computer three times before the system finishes loading the desktop. This should help to launch Windows 10 Recovery Environment automatically. Also, Run the Build Hardware and Device And keyboard troubleshooter, and first let windows identify and fix the problem itself. If you’re pressing Caps or NUM lock unknowingly you can use free applications like CaPNotifier and TrayStaus, which alerts you with the on/off status of Caps lock or NUM lock. If you want to press one key on the keyboard and instead ended up pressing another key does that matters?

  • Remove TapuFind Virus TapuFind is an adware that automatically delivers ads once the…
  • Rebooting can help resolve that conflict or error.
  • Plays a short sound if you press an incorrect key or press space too early.
  • Violating the terms of use and Community Standards by using a fake name, posting content that violates these terms, impersonating someone else, or constantly violating the rules of the platform.

Otherwise, it should be a software issue and you can fix it with the steps below. Ease of setting could be one of the reasons for some keys not working problem on your surface. So, you can follow the steps same as mentioned in the previous section above. Now, need to test your keyboard because it is possible that the problem is with your surface keyboard itself.

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Beware of these mirror sites, because they may offer pirated content or have malicious intent. Many of them can also be malware-infected, so be sure to check out their terms and conditions before downloading any content.

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Hackers love to use streaming and torenting sites like 123movies and its clones to seed malware to the world. If you’re going to take the risk, it’s advisable to have an app like CleanMyMac X, which has a really handy malware tracker tool you can use to scan your Mac for malware, and remove it with ease Our special 123Movies app is under development right now, so you must refrain from downloading any 123Movies app for Android or 123Movies app for iOS right now. Instead of using any 123Movies app for mobile, you can try other free streaming apps like 123Movies or other websites like Movies123, Soap2Day, FMovies, etc. Also, this 123Movies website works pretty well on mobile devices too. So, instead of using an app to stream or download content for mobile devices, you can use this website in your mobile browser and use it as a streaming app for Android and iOS.

I am using zen 1.3.7 with a bunch of installed mods including DB_Backup, IH2.0, Dirbank, Stock by Attributes. There were some others but they are longer being used. In there for the “offending” field wipe out whatever value is there, and as Ajeh said somewhere else in this thread, don’t put a zero, remove all characters from the field.

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