How to Travel Safely This Summer With Your Portable UV-Wand

When you travel with your UV wand, you arm yourself against the harmful pathogens that you are exposed to. Whether you’re traveling by land, sea, or air, your come in contact with objects and surfaces that may contain illness-causing bacteria. But with a UV wand in hand, you’re able to sanitize objects and surfaces to help keep you healthy and virus-free. 

Here’s how your UV wand can be an effective tool in protecting your health whenever you’re going to travel and wander around.

Proper Storage

One of the reasons why UV wands are popular is because of their portability. You can put it in your bag or pocket and head out.  But if you want your device to last long, you have to store or keep them in your bag properly.

Doing this prevents it from getting scratched or bent especially if you have a lot of stuff in your bag. Just like any gadget that you have, handle it with care to keep it functioning properly.

Keep The Safety Lock On

If your UV wand has a safety lock, make sure it’s kept on when not in use. Since it’s a battery-powered device, accidentally turning it on because the safety lock’s off can drain the battery. You might end up not having any juice when you need it the most. It also prevents children from accidentally turning on the device. 

Handy Location

When you’re traveling, you won’t always know when you’ll need your UV wand. So it’s best to keep it accessible and easy to pull out when needed. If it’s in your bag, put it in a pocket or compartment where you don’t have to dig out your other things just to get the device. It defeats the purpose of its portability.

Don’t Leave It In Your Car

Like other battery-operated gadgets, leaving it in the car when it’s parked under the scorching heat is a big no-no. Batteries or devices with batteries are one of the things you should never leave inside your car. The extreme heat will damage the battery and it can lead to decreased performance and capacity, and worse, it may bubble and rupture.

It’s the same thing if you’re out on the beach or by the pool. Don’t let your UV wand be exposed to the sun for a prolonged period.

Where and When To Use It

There will be many instances during your travel when you’ll need to sanitize. And it’s not even limited to traveling for pleasure. Whenever you leave the house, you might be going to places that have the dirtiest surfaces where viruses and other bacteria can thrive. Here are some of those places and surfaces where a having UV wand will be most useful.

Some Parts of Your Airplane Seat

It’s been well documented how dirty airplanes can be. Before COVID-19 hit, air travel was at its peak with 4.723 billion travelers in 2020. While airlines have implemented new ways of sanitizing the plane cabin because of the pandemic, it never hurts to take extra precautions.

The fold-down trays, seat belt buckle, and headrest are the dirtiest parts of your seat. You don’t know who sat there before you did, so it’s best to use your UV wand on these places just to be sure.


In your travels, part of any itinerary is to experience the highly recommended restaurants in the area. And even if it isn’t, you still gotta eat, right? But before you even place your order, you need to watch out for some of the germiest items you’ll be touching. Use your UV wand to sanitize them before you eat.


  • The menu. This is passed from one person to the next and traces of bacteria have been found on menus, especially the plastic ones.
  • Another item that’s held by people all the time.
  • Table surfaces. You don’t know what was on the table before you sat down. And even if you did, the cloths being used to wipe them down have been found to contain illness-causing bacteria as well.


A trip to the grocery or any store can expose you to dirty surfaces as well. Having a UV wand helps sanitize these surfaces on the go:


  • Credit/Debit card pin pads. If you’re using you card to check out, you’ll need to use this device for sure. Some cashiers wipe it after each customer, but not all do.
  • Grocery cart or basket handles. Naturally, it’s another thing that gets passed on from one person to another. So it’s no surprise that handles have a high bacteria count as well.

Use Wanderclean When You Wander

In your travels, you’ll encounter other places and surfaces that will be contaminated with bacteria or viruses. You don’t know how often these surfaces are cleaned or how hygienic the person before you was.  

If you want to keep yourself virus-free during this time of the pandemic, practicing good hygiene and following health and safety protocols is a must. Some of the most basic and effective things you can do are washing your hands with soap and sanitizing surfaces that you touch often.  

In the absence of alcohol or sanitizers, UV wands are an effective and a more convenient means of disinfecting contaminated surfaces. And Wanderclean is the best at killing germs and viruses with the touch of a button. It uses UVC technology to generate an intense UVC light to sterilize surfaces and help keep you safe from illness and disease. 

Don’t wander without Wanderclean. Order here to get yours now.

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Erik Adler

Erik Adler