Top 10 Ways To Use Your UV Light Wand In Your Daily Routine

One of the best things about a UV light wand is that it’s handy and convenient. It effectively sanitizes the things you regularly come in contact with. With health and wellness becoming a priority more than ever, protecting yourself from harmful bacteria and viruses is a must. 

UV light wands are becoming a popular means of disinfecting. Used even in the healthcare sector, it’s now available for you to use whenever and wherever you are. Here are the top ten ways to use your UV light wand at home, at work, or on the go.

Top Ways To Use Your UV Light Wand At Home

Disinfecting Your Mobile Phones and Tablets

Your phone is an extension of you. It goes with you wherever you go, even in the bathroom. You put it in your pocket, bag, and place it on different surfaces even in public places. This makes it a bacteria magnet, making it 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Using a UV light wand to disinfect your device kills the bacteria and preserves your phone’s touchscreen, as alcohol-based cleaners can degrade its quality.

Cleaning Your Dirty Money

We’re not talking about money laundering here. Money passes from one person to the next and who knows how many contaminated hands have held onto that bill? Thousands of bacteria can live on bills but you can’t sanitize it with alcohol, so the best way is to use your UV wand

Keeping Your Dog’s Toys Germ-free

All dogs love their toys, and if you have one, you already know that. They’ll chew, bite, and slobber all over them, making your best bud’s toy a hotbed for bacteria. There are 600 types of bacteria in a dog’s mouth and they’re easily transferred to their toys. Give it a sweep with your UV light sanitizer to disinfect it after your pooch plays with it.\

Best Ways To Use Your UV Light Wand at Work

Disinfecting Your Work Items

Whether it’s for work, study, or just browsing the internet, a laptop or desktop is one of the most used gadgets you have. Sometimes eating while working can’t be avoided, making it messy for your laptop. Sweeping your UV light wand before using it helps kill off any lingering bacteria especially in the nooks and crannies of the keyboard.

And while you’re at it, include your pens, computer mouse, and all other small items that you frequently use. This is especially important if you’re in a co-working space or share your desk with your colleagues.

Disinfecting Anything in the Office Pantry

Everything in your office pantry is a high-contact zone, from the water dispenser, coffee maker to cupboard handles. These parts are always in contact with human hands and contain tons of bacteria. Use your UV light wand to disinfect these high-contact areas. This keeps your hand germ-free whenever you take your break.

Removing the Bacteria From Your Wallet/Purse

Cleaning your wallet or purse isn’t as common as it should be. But you use it a lot and you stick your hand into it. And so do your kids. It contains money and credit cards which are two things that other people have handled. This makes your wallet a breeding ground for bacteria, inside and out. With a UV light wand, you can kill the bacteria especially the inside parts that sanitizing wipes can’t reach.

Best Ways To Use Your UV Light Wand On The Go

Disinfecting Parts of a Car’s Interiors

Germs contaminate high-touch surfaces in your car, especially if you regularly have passengers in your vehicle. You won’t always have enough time to have your interiors cleaned and disinfected, so using a UV sanitizer wand is the next best thing to use. This is especially effective for surfaces that often come into contact with human hands like the radio dial/touchscreen, handbrake, and steering wheel.

Now if you use ride-hailing apps, the vehicle’s interiors are more exposed to the germs or viruses that other people carry. As a passenger, your UV wand can instantly disinfect door handles, window buttons, and seat belt buckles.

Making Sure the ATM Keypad is Germ-Free

Because people interact with ATMs all the time, dirty hands can transfer germs through the keypad or touch screen. It’s now fairly common to see ATMs with instructions on how to disinfect keypads. Some machines even come with UV devices to keep it germ-free. But not all ATMs will have that, and that’s where a UV light wand can come in handy.

Sanitizing Your Hotel Room

Starting with the hotel room key card. It’s used all the time and hundreds of people have used it before you. Other things you need to sanitize immediately are the doorknobs, light switches, remote controls, room service menu, and the phone. Even though hotels assure you that they sanitize their rooms, it doesn’t hurt to be a little careful.

Keeping Your Shoes Clean

Your shoes make contact with the outside world all the time. Reports have stated that a pair of shoes contain more bacteria than a toilet seat, some of which can cause infections. Your shoes carry a lot of germs and if not sanitized properly, you bring them with you inside your house, your bag, or your luggage. Because you can’t wash your shoes each time you go out, a UV sanitizer wand will kill the germs without having to use soap and water. It also saves you from waiting for your shoes to dry before using them again.

A UV light wand has a lot more practical uses, some of which we’ve covered in our previous blog. With it, you have an effective germ-killing tool that can help keep you protected, no matter where you are. It’s safe, easy to use, and doesn’t leave a mess. And it’s healthy for the environment too!

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